Extrusion Die Design – Computer Aided Design

Elite Extrusion Die design their extrusion dies using the latest Computer Aided Design technology available. It enables our Design Engineers to produce all Die and Tooling formats with efficiency and speed.

The CAD/CAM software that is used at Elite is very flexible and is continually developed in-house. Program Developers at Elite are continually improving programming techniques and methods of manufacture. The flexibility of the software allows our developers to create the complex 3D program cycles needed to produce extrusion die tooling on CNC and EDM Machine Tools.

Die manufacture has changed considerably over the years. Nowadays there is a much greater importance on the speed of extrusion, the profile weight, tolerance sizes, finish quality and Die life. Elite’s extrusion die design methodology factors all of these important requirements into every single die.

Feedback is an essential part of our design process. Any modifications by the customer are documented and stored in our records. With feedback our designers can make adjustments to optimize the design for better productivity and performance.