Extrusion Die Manufacturers – Computer Aided Manufacture

As extrusion die manufacturers we have seen continual technology improvements over the years. This has enabled Elite Extrusion Die to evolve our methods of manufacture, our efficiency, our quality and our service.

Solid & Porthole Die Plates are completely CNC programmed by our CAM specialist. Cutting technology has improved enormously in recent years with the emergence of the coated carbide cutter enabling high speed machining of the bearings/exit clearance. There is now little or no cutter distortion, which results in very accurate clearances and tongue support.

Mandrels or Bridge-Parts are also fully CNC manufactured to ensure maximum accuracy, balance and repeatability.

Ultra-modern Factory

Elite uses the most advanced technological equipment in the industry. In our ultra-modern factory all of our CNC Milling & Lathe Tools and our EDM Wire Machines have optical probe technology. The probe is used to calculate the centre and orientation of the Die blank resulting in maximum accuracy and repeatability.

Solid & Porthole Die Plates – The profile shape is cut and skimmed using EDM Wire Cutting to achieve maximum accuracy and high quality surface finish. All our machines have 5 Axis capabilities. This enables us to cut angled bearings or a combination of angled and straight bearings if required. Probe technology is used to ensure that the bearing angle is completely square i.e. not choked or relieved.

Mandrels or Bridge-Parts – The inner detail of the mandrels and undercuts are EDM Spark eroded. This enables us to achieve much more balanced feeds on multi-core sections.

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