Why Elite?

As a producer of extruded products, I am sure that your company looks for solutions or continual improvements in product quality, extrusion speed, surface finish, service and cost effectiveness from of all your Die suppliers.

Since our company was formed and as a result of Elite’s expertise and determination towards a manufacturing excellence, we continue to make big advances both in manufacturing technology and overall efficiency; all of which are aimed at satisfying our customer’s needs. We fully understand that your reputation to produce high quality Aluminium Extruded Profiles depends a lot on our ability to produce high quality Aluminium Extrusion Dies.  After all, we can only be successful if you are!

Our strength lies in the knowledge that we have gained over the years and also in our reputation for high quality, fast deliveries and competitive prices.

As well as using the highest quality materials and employing Professional Engineers and a supremely motivated, skilled and quality-minded work force, we use some of the latest CAD/CAM technologies available.

Since we began in August 1986, we have continually expanded our workforce, upgraded our equipment and machinery, as we aim to achieve our ultimate goal of providing our customers with perfect dies. Elite understands the equal importance of design and manufacturing. Our policy therefore, has always been to continually improve both our design and manufacturing capability by investing in state-of-the-art equipment and software.

Bespoke in-house software EOP has been developed at Elite Extrusion Die and is used to process the entire order from start to finish. Being html based we can use our software on or offsite via PC’s, smart phones and tablets. We track the customer die order from the initial order contract stage, throughout the entire design and manufacturing process, through to despatch and delivery. We keep the customer informed every step of the way via emailed status reports.