Research & Development

Research & Development at the heart of innovation.

We are constantly looking to new technologies and cutting consumables to continually improve our methods of manufacture, in-house speed & efficiency, quality, finish and life of our Extrusion Dies.

Spare and replacement parts

A manufacturing technique has been developed at Elite that enables us to independently manufacture individual parts an existing Extrusion Die Set. For example, if one part of the hollow die has worn out of tolerance but the other part is still good, Elite can reproduce a replacement die part using ultra-high precision C.N.C machining techniques and Optical Probe technology. The replacement part will mate perfectly with the existing tool so that the customer does not have to return any part of the existing Die Set back to us.

This benefits our customers with the following: – 

  • cost savings: our customers pay no return shipment charges
  • cost savings: our customers only purchase the part that they want replaced rather than the whole die set
  • faster recovery time: our customers don’t have to wait as we can start manufacturing the replacement die part immediately